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lisa miller- frankie and fern designer


At frankie & fern, we love simple, soft, wearable clothes that move effortlessly from playground to party. We're committed to producing beautifully sewn, limited-run apparel that is always American-made.

The Designer's Story
by Lisa Miller

My life has been a study in duality, with one bare foot climbing trees in my childhood backyard in rural New Jersey and the other wearing sky-high heels while exploring the galleries and music venues of Manhattan. In between, both of those feet traveled the world with my outdoorsy, anthropologist father and my glam-hippie, European mother. By age five, I had logged 10 countries on three continents, which exposed me to the inspiration boards of the world.

When they lived stateside, my über-creative parents spent their downtime choreographing and performing with their ethnic-dance troop, the Romany Folk Ensemble. The group also made use of my mom's talents for designing and sewing. And while I wasn't shy about taking small parts in their productions, the real fun was helping out in the creation of all those beautiful costumes.

A few years ago, I put 20 years of corporate life on the shelf, moved to a new place, and came across the proverbial shoebox full of old photos from the 1970s. One shot in particular stood out: my mom and me wearing matching yellow and green patchwork print dresses. Naturally, they were pieces she had stitched herself. That yellowing pic reawakened my instinct as a lifelong explorer of style and design. Shortly thereafter, frankie & fern was born.

People ask me about the brand's name: "Frankie" is simply my idea of the best tomboy name ever; "Fern," of course, is an homage to the girl who saves the pig in the classic children's book Charlotte's Web.

My wish is for little girls to feel at ease in the world, whether they're in their own backyard or touring the globe's great cities. Wherever they are, I hope my clothes will always inspire them to play, create, and dance!